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In my yoga classes there are usually various ways to make the exercises shown below more or less difficult.  Options are given throughout.  However, my classes do include flowing sequences, such as sun salutation, so in my classes it is necessary to be able to get up and down to the floor in the time it takes to take one breath.

Above - we start each class by establishing the breath. We then do a meditation technique, which changes monthly.
Above - Strengthens the hips & lower back. Above - Increases hip and back flexibility.
Above - Strengthens the core & shoulders. Above - massages the belly & extends the spine. 
Above - strengthens the core. Above - strengthens the core and upper body.
Above - strengthens the legs and hips. Above - stretches the thighs and hips.
Above - stretches the arms and is relaxing. Above - flexes the spine and is relaxing.
Above - we always finish in corpse pose. Corpse pose relaxes the nervous system.