Class Timetable



Classes restart on Monday 4th January. 

Note: the changes in venues are temporary and post-vaccine I intend to return to Stourport Masonic Club on Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning, and to Trimpley Village Hall on Wednesday evening.  The risk assessment at Stourport Masonic Club highlighted numerous problems that are hard to solve (such as there only being one way in and out, there being no windows at one end of the halls, making suffiicent ventilation difficult to achieve and the door needing to stay shut because it's alarmed).  Also the capacity at Stourport Masonic Club would've been 11, whereas it's 14 at Holy Innocents'.  Trimpley Village Hall is the smallest venue; I've not been in and measured up, but would estimate tthe socially distanced capacity to be 8, which doesn't make the venue viable during the pandemic.


Mark Wrench 07973 970 093

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Booking in

How to Book in and Pay

Contact me via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via mobile on 07973 970 093 and I will book you in.  You will need to pay via an Internet-banking bank transfer, or cheque if you’re still living in the olden days.  Once booked in, you will have 5 days to make the payment. 


Content/Equipment Changes


Active Seniors—The only equipment will be the plastic chairs, which are easier to clean.  There will be a double dose of the aerobics section of the class to replace the circuit, which usually takes place in the second half.    The aerobics section will need to be more on the spot, because if traveling there needs to be a 3m square for each person, which means that the hall wouldn’t be large enough to run the classes.  As usual, there will be a break in middle, but you would need to bring your own water.


Modern Pilates, Gentle Yoga and Flow Yoga and Pilates—The only equipment used in these classes will be mats, which will have to be a mat of your own.  


Yang Style Tai Chi—The tai chi will need to be more on the spot so unfortunately we won’t be able to practice Yang 24 or Yang 40.  We can do Dr Lam’s warm up, Yang 8 and some other tai chi and qigong exercises that I have learnt.