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UPDATE: Although indoor gyms may reopen soon, I want to stay weeks behind the government's relaxations to see what impact those relaxations have had.  I have a lot of older participants attending my classes, so I won't be restarting the daytime classes anytime soon.  Currently, I believe I could hold outdoor classes or PT with an unlimited number of people, providing they all come from the same household, but, with those restrictions and the unpredictability of the weather, I don't think it's viable at the moment.  The evening classes may start sooner than the daytime classes (with numerous safety measures) but I am concerned about the safety of the group and whether I'd have to cancel the classes if cases rise due to all of the other relaxations.  Fortunately, confirmed new cases seem to be falling and I hope that continues.  I miss not seeing you all and I will restart when I feel the time is right.   

Take care and keep active.

Mark Wrench 09.06.20


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*Please note that the times listed are the start times of the classes.  Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the start time so that you can set out the equipment you need and have a chat to the other participants if you wish.

See you soon.

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Testimonials (published August 2018)

Sandra Henshaw

"I joined the yoga classes as a way to increase my flexibility and prevent my joints from stiffening up, as I get  older.  I also wanted to reduce my stress levels as I am aware of the impact stress can have on health.

I have been attending Mark's yoga classes over 5 years.  I also started tai chi with Mark in 2016 and Modern Pilates in 2018.  Since joining the yoga classes with my husband over a year ago I have become more flexible, more relaxed and I have lost weight.  My posture is better whilst standing and sitting.  I have noticed that I have a more positive attitude in handling whatever life throws at me.

Mark knows exactly which muscle groups are engaged in each posture.  He explains the variations so that you have freedom to select the way that you want to do the various positions."


Barbara Lewis

"I have been attending Mark’s classes for over 7 years, starting with Hatha Yoga, but I started Tai Chi for  Beginners nearly 2 years ago and Modern Pilates a few months ago. 

 I think the three different classes I attend complement each, helping me to maintain flexibility, balance and strength.    

 I like that the classes are a social occasion with de-stressing exercise in a pleasant relaxing atmosphere.   I also like getting to know different people.  Class interaction with Mark and the rest of the group make the hour’s exercise enjoyable.

 Mark is knowledgeable and gives alternative moves; he does not make you feel uncomfortable if you struggle with the exercise.  Best of all, he makes the hour fun—there is not a class where we do not have a smile or a laugh.: 

Carol Johnson

"I previously did Yoga for several years and after a break of about two years I decided to get back into it.  I really wanted to get back into an exercise routine again as I always enjoyed yoga.  I have now been coming to Mark's yoga classes for over six years and Mark's tai chi classes for almost two years.  I recently started the new Flow Yoga and Pilates class.

I now notice that I have higher energy levels and I feel fitter.  I really enjoy exercising as part of a group.  I am able to cope better with household tasks and I find that I can garden for longer periods of time and recover faster.  The balance exercises have increased my focus.  The corpse pose is always the final posture of thje class, this relaxation technique is most welcome after doing the more strenuous exercises smileyAlso if I wake in the middle of the night I use the relaxation techniques to help me get back to sleep.Mark is helpful in correcting our techinque whilst we are doing the yoga postures.  He also gives simpler options if nessessary.  I like that the classes change every month which is enough to keep it interesting without changing it every week."


Lisa Moraity

I started Yoga with Mark over 6 years ago and started Yang style tai chi almost 2 years ago. 

In Flow Yoga and Pilates, I have enjoyed the challenges of different exercises each month.  After doing yoga for 30 years, I feel that I’m still able to progress within Mark’s classes.

Learning tai chi has been a great pleasure for me, achieving each new movement and being able to link all the sequences together.  I love the sense of teamwork and focus within the group, and the helpful and thorough way that Mark teaches it.    We all achieve together, help each other and socialise before and after the class, and—importantly—have fun too!

Mark is very helpful.  In both yoga and tai chi, Mark will always show various options for each exercise, so that you can pick the one that’s best for your capability.   He also helps us individually to each exercise correctly if we need it and always enquires if we have any questions.

After both Flow Yoga and Pilates and Yang style Tai Chi, I feel that I’ve achieved something worthwhile.  I feel more flexible, relaxed and energised—better able to cope with the stresses of daily life.  Both classes are a huge part of my life, and I know that I will continue with them throughout my life, as the benefits are great.

Norah Bryce

"I only started attend Active Seniors several months ago, but am improving my mobility with every session I attend!  Everyone is so friendly!  Mark is relaxed and takes you through the exercises and is always willing to  help you if needed.  After doing the class I feel motivated and happy.  I like the relaxed atmosphere; the exercises are not too difficult, but test every part of your body.

 Since attending I notice that I can walk better.

 Prior to attending I was a bit worried—not knowing what to expect—but Mark put me at ease straight away; he  is extremely helpful; nothing is too much bother."