Class Descriptions

Good News:


11 out of the 16 Classes restart from

Monday 14th September!


That is, all nine classes at Holy Innocents’ Community Hall and both at Areley Kings Village Hall.  Booking in is essential.


Why have I decided to restart?

After waiting to see if the relaxations caused a massive increase in cases, it seems that the number of cases have stayed low.  Also Worcestershire cases have continued to be low and, to my knowledge, we remain off the watch list.  Having said that, the increase in the UK over the last few days, and Birmingham being on the watch list make me feel that I must emphasise that if the situation gets considerably worse locally all classes will be cancelled again and those that have booked in will get refunded.


I am also restarting because I’m satisfied with the various safety measures, systems and professionalism of both Holy Innocents’ Community Hall and Areley Kings Village Hall (Note: that’s not to say that I’m dissatisfied with the other two venues; they are not being used for other reasons mentioned below).   


When the risks are low, there comes a point where the benefits of attending exercise classes outweighs the risks.  Finally people can attend or not.  It is up to you.  Your place will still be waiting for you if you decide that you want to wait until there is a working vaccine.   Apologies in advance if I call you and you don’t want to start; I don’t know everyone’s unique situation and I will only call the once, besides it will be nice to check up on you.


Apologies to those that attend the classes at either Stourport Masonic Club or Trimpley Village Hall; I cannot start the Masonic Hall classes because the hall is going to remain closed as it’s not a community or village hall and the Masons have very sensibly decided to not hold their meetings at the hall; to digress, they did, however, very kindly waive what I owed for hiring the hall in March.  My insurance only allows me to teach indoor classes at venues that have done all the various safety measures/risk assessments.  The Trimpley Village Hall classes are not starting simply because the venue is too small to allow a viable amount of people to exercise.  I look forward to when the Trimpley and Stourport Masonic Club classes resume, although that being this year is very unlikely.  


Booking in


I’ve tried to come up with a fair way of booking people in.  It feels like a political decision, so will undoubtedly displease some, but the following is what I’ve come up with:


I’ve been into both venues and measured up: the maximum capacity at Holy Innocents’ Community Hall is 14 and the max is 15 at Areley Kings Village Hall.   Beginning on Monday 24th August, there will be a 3-phased booking system.


I need to be sure about the maximum attending so will not be able to be as flexible insofar as allowing people to switch classes, or to have six months to use ten sessions; until this is all over, ten sessions will have to mean ten weeks.  So the last week for those starting on Monday 14th September would be on Monday 16th November, but you'll be able to book in for the next ten weeks a week or two before November 16th. 


The price is the same as before: £40 for ten Active Senior classes and £45 for ten Yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates classes.  If you attended more than one class per week, you can still book into those other classes that you were a regular at, but you would need to purchase a separate ten-session card for each class—sorry.  If you still have a card with sessions remaining on it, you can cash in those sessions to reduce the amount you'd need to pay to book in.


Note, when things go back to normal, I will revert back to the previous way of running the classes, and those that decide they don’t want to return at the moment, or don’t manage to get booked in, will still have their place saved until after the successful vaccinations.


The 3-phased booking system


Booking Phase 1 opens from 9am on Monday 24th August.

What is Booking Phase 1?  If, this year, you were a regular at, or began attending, one of the classes listed on the timetable below you will get first refusal, although I don’t have everybody’s contact details, so apologies if you don’t get contacted; also there are many people to contact and if you’re not following the Facebook page, checking the website, or are not on the email list you may not get the same amount of notice as others, as I cannot telephone or text everyone at the same time.


Booking Phase 2 will begin at 5pm on Sunday 30th August—everyone that was a regular at a class not listed, i.e. Stourport Masonic Club or Trimpley Village Hall, will get second refusal.


Booking Phase 3 will begin at 5pm on Sunday 6th September—anyone over the age of 16 can book in. 


How to Book in and Pay

Contact me via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via mobile on 07973 970 093 and I will book you in.  You will need to pay via an Internet-banking bank transfer, or cheque if you’re still living in the olden days.  Once booked in, you will have 5 days to make the payment. 


Content/Equipment Changes


Active Seniors—The only equipment will be the plastic chairs, which are easier to clean.  There will be a double dose of the aerobics section of the class to replace the circuit, which usually takes place in the second half.    The aerobics section will need to be more on the spot, because if traveling there needs to be a 3m square for each person, which means that the hall wouldn’t be large enough to run the classes.  As usual, there will be a break in middle, but you would need to bring your own water.


Modern Pilates, Gentle Yoga and Flow Yoga and Pilates—The only equipment used in these classes will be mats, which will have to be a mat of your own.  


Yang Style Tai Chi—The tai chi will need to be more on the spot so unfortunately we won’t be able to practice Yang 24 or Yang 40.  We can do Dr Lam’s warm up, Yang 8 and some other tai chi and qigong exercises that I have learnt.

Class Descriptions (see photographs below)

You can stay up-to-date by adding yourself to the email list here:

Ages: Active Seniors: ages 60+, all other classes: ages 16+. 

Mark Wrench 07973 970 093

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prices: Active Seniors: £5 pay-as-you-go or £40 for ten sessions—6-month use-by date.  All other classes: £6 pay-as-you-go or £45 for ten sessions—6-month use-by date.  Attendance bonus: finish the ten sessions in 2 months or less: 1 extra session, 1 month or less: 2 extra sessions.

Options: I try and give options for different levels of ability.  However, I can only go so far with this.  For example, I cannot cater for a seated exerciser in Fitness and Flow Yoga; I can, however, in Tai Chi for Beginners.  Any questions just ask.

Unsure: you are always welcome to come and watch a class.

There are 6 different types of classes on the timetable: Active Seniors, Flow Yoga and Pilates, Hatha Yoga, Yang Style Tai Chi, Tai Chi for Beginners and Modern Pilates.

Active Seniors Flow Yoga and Pilates
Hatha Yoga Modern Pilates
Yang Style Tai Chi Sun Style Tai Chi





Megan Morris
"I started coming to the Strength and Balance exercise classes as I realised that as you get older if you don't keep active your joints get stiff.  I wanted to keep as supple as possible and also to help with my weight. 
Since starting about 18 months ago I have notice that I feel much more energetic and I get a good feeling after I have attended an exercise class.  The class is also a great social gathering with a good group of people, we often stay for tea and coffee after the class
"Mark is always very patient and puts our technique right when we are going wrong, he is the right person for our group.  I enjoy the classes very much and I intend to continue into old age (after 80)".
Pat Brown
"I was having problems with my back and felt that exercise would help.  The problems with my back limitted my mobility and I was in a lot of pain.  I have been going to Mark's Strength and Balance classes for about 3 years now and my back is 90% better and my whole body is also much fitter.  I have much more energy and my mobility is no longer limited by back pain.
Mark is very good with us all if someone is not doing so well he is always there to help.  I attend 2-3 of the Strength and Balance classes per week and I like all of the classes, you get to meet new friends and we have fun.  I also like that the class routine is planned out in advance and we get a new routine every month".
Shelagh Clayphan
"I wanted to keep as fit as possible as I feel that as you age keeping as fit as possible is very important.  I started coming to the classes serveral years ago now and since starting I have noticed my flexibility and alertness have increased".
Mark is always helpful and never presses anyone to do more than they are able to.
"I feel better after a class and am always glad to have made the effort to come.  The company is good as is the music"
Brenda Lisle
  "I have been attending keep fit classes for many years and started going to Mark's Active Seniors class over 7 years ago.  My reasons for joining were to keep fit and flexible as I want to maintain my independance as I age".
I have noticed that attending the classes has increased my; confidence, flexibility, grip strength and balance whilst walking.
Mark informs us of the benefits of the specific exercises that we are doing, which I find helpful.  It is also nice to meet likeminded people and workout together in a group".